Regency Family Health is a nationally accredited, dynamic, and innovative behavioral health company comprised of experienced, licensed clinicians and mentors dedicated to improving the lives of adults, children, and their families throughout Central Massachusetts. We provide services in our offices, the client’s home, or other appropriate settings. Our mission is to strengthen the family by empowering its members with skills and strategies for coping with the challenges they face.

Our Core Values

  • Shared commitment to providing the highest quality of services
  • Respect for each family and its members
  • Continuous assessment of home safety
  • Privacy of information
  • Treatment in a safe, confidential setting
  • Commitment to multi-lingual/ multi-cultural competent practice
  • Absolute belief in the family’s ability to change

Our Approach

The wishes of the family drive our practice. The assessment and treatment plan is developed with the family and whoever they identify as their preferred network. We depend on the family members to share the particulars about their family, needs, and desired goals. At the beginning of our relationship, we were clear about our commitment to helping them achieve their goals by providing therapy, therapeutic mentoring, and case management, including arranging for other community support services to assist in stabilizing or reunifying the family.

Why Choose Us

  • Your trust in Regency Family Health will be worth it all. Our goals to help your family include:
  • Determining causes of family issues
  • Provide clinical assessment of the family structure, culture, and particular concerns unique to your household.
  • Allow access for you and your family to train in coping skills to deal with loss, domestic violence, behavioral issues, and other stresses.
  • Facilitating Clinical Interventions and counseling services for the individual, the whole family, or a group of individuals in the family
  • Giving you and your family avenues to access case management, family stabilization, reunification services, and rehabilitation guidance

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