Regency Family Health Outpatient services include individual, family, couples, and group therapy for children and adults. Sessions are delivered in an office, home, or school setting and utilize the latest approaches to alleviate symptoms, behavioral challenges, and stress-related disorders. The frequency of services is based on medical necessity. We offer flexible appointment hours Monday through Friday.


  • Increased skills for emotional regulation, problem-solving, and life satisfaction
  • Reduced symptoms associated with trauma, mood dysregulation, and disruptive behavior
  • Improved functioning at home, school, and community
  • Comprehensive assessment of initial and ongoing services

Program Highlights

  • Availability of Psychiatric evaluation and Medication Management
  • The frequency of services is determined by collaboration with each individual, based on clinical assessments ranging from weekly to monthly, and may be adjusted based on treatment needs and progress.
  • Specialized Trauma Services

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