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Excellent opportunity for Clinicians to work as part of a Family Stabilization Team to provide a range of intensive home and community based services to children ages 3-21, and their families. Read More »
Excellent opportunity for experienced Mentors to work as part of a Family Stabilization Team to assist youth ages 3-21 in developing appropriate communication skills, Read More »
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Why Choose Us

Your trust in Regency Family Health will be worth it all. Our goals to help your family include:

  • Determining causes of family issues
  • Provide clinical assessment of the family structure, culture and particular concerns that are unique to your household
  • Allow access for you and your family to training in coping skills to deal with loss, domestic violence, behavioral issues and other stresses
  • Facilitating Clinical Interventions and counseling services for the individual, the whole family or a group of individuals in the family
  • Giving you and your family avenues to access case management, family stabilization, reunification services and rehabilitation guidance