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Excellent opportunity for Clinicians to work as part of a Family Stabilization Team to provide a range of intensive home and community based services to children ages 3-21, and their families. Read More »
Excellent opportunity for experienced Mentors to work as part of a Family Stabilization Team to assist youth ages 3-21 in developing appropriate communication skills, Read More »
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Services We Offer

There are many families and individuals who are referred to Regency Family Health for treatment and guidance.  Many community based organizations and behavioral health institutions turn to our agency to provide clients with treatment services to address fear, trauma, anxiety and other stresses common in a family dynamic.

We start with an assessment of the family or the family member.  We make use of an evidence-based assessment and will work collaboratively with all the members and their health managers (nurses, physicians and therapists).  This cohesive effort enables us to create a treatment / safety plan.  A preliminary discharge plan will then take form which will be based on the results of the assessment conducted by Regency Family Health.

Here are the services available through our agency: (link to their own pages)

Schedule a consultation with a behavioral health specialist from Regency Family Health.  You may request for an appointment online (link to contact us) or give us a call at 617-929-1600.